The Don't Sweat Guide to Golf

dontsweat.jpgIn this book, the editors of Don't Sweat Press show both beginners and fanatics how to relax before teeing off as well as during the entire game, so they don't wind up in the sand trap! The Don't Sweat Guide to Golf is the perfect antidote to the over-analyzing and the intensity that this sport can bring about in even the most relaxed of players. So many people are trying to improve their golf game nowadays, but many don't realize how bringing the stresses and worries of the workday onto the course hurts their score.

Written with a sense of humor that will appeal to both experts and amateurs, it includes such strategies as:

• Resist the urge to criticize other players
• The Score Isn't Everything
• Make Peace with Noisy Players
• Sometimes You Play with the Wind; Sometimes It Plays You
• You Do Have to Hit the Ball Where It Lies

- and many more. The Don't Sweat Guide to Golf is the perfect gift for all those golf fanatics in your family and circle of friends.