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PLAYERS CLUB GOLF RATES (rates are subject to change)

Monday – Thursday

Friday (excluding holidays)





Players Club Championship

1st Gross: Ryan Callahan 148
2nd Gross: Bill Barry 149
3rd Gross: Bob Becker 149
4th Gross: Joey Cruz     151

1st Net: Joey Cruz       145
2nd Net: Bob Becker   149
3rd Net:  Ryan Steely   150
4th Net: Diem Quach   151

Players Club Results February

1stGross: Ryan Callahan 74    2nd Gross Joey Cruz 75
1st Net:  Ryan Callahan 72     2nd Net Ralph Ramirez 73

Players Club Championship Results

Gross: 1st Bill Barry 145, 2nd Ryan Callahan 152, 3rd Joey Cruz 156.
Net: 1st Luis Jauregi 142, 2nd Jeff Grutzmacher 145, 3rd Mike Ladua 146

Players Club Results July

1stGross: Ralph Ramirez 75
1st Net:  Ray Baker 66

Players Club Results June

1stGross: Bill Barry 73
2nd Gross: Chris Kim 74
1st Net:  Michael Domingo 69

Players Club Results May 21
1st Gross: Ryan Callahan 71
1st Net: Elzia McClure 68

Players Club Results April 
1st Gross:  Brian Asamura 76
1st Net: Anthony Brucato 70

Players Club Results January 
1st Gross: Ralph Ramirez & Joey Cruz 73

3rd Gross: Ryan Callahan 74
1st Net: Ralph 67
2nd Net: Brandon Callahan 68

2021 Player’s Club CHAMPIONSHIP Results

Gross Score: 1st  Bob Becker   149               $500    2nd  Mike Ladua 153                $300   3rd Ryan Steely   159               $200
Net Score:   1st John Flynn            138        $500    2nd Jeff Anderson       168       $300    3rd Damion Williams   169       $200

Ryan Callahan          161
Chris Smith              162
Ralph Ramirez         159
Brian Goodermont  166
Mike Reynolds         171
Ramiro Mendez       175
Vern Bouche            175
Diem Quach            175
Paul Smith                173
Paul Johnson           198
Vince Franco            191

Player’s Club Skins Game Results

1st Gross: Ryan Callahan 76
2nd  Gross: Ryan Steely 77
1st net: Jeff Grutzmacher 71
2nd place net: Joe Peccoralo 72


1st Gross; Bob Becker 72
2nd Gross : Bill Barry 73
1st Net: Rick Baker 66
2nd Net: Mike Reynolds 70

July 30, 2022
Lowest Gross: 1st Ryan Callahan 71    2nd Joey Cruz 74
Lowest net: 1st Paul Johnson 63          2nd Joe Peccoralo 68

October 30, 2021
1st Place Gross:  Chris Kim 72
2nd Place Gross:  Ryan Callahan
1st Place Net:  Jim Little 68
2nd Place Net:  Carlos Bravo & Ryan Callahan 70

Player’s Club Skins Game Results
September 25, 2021
1st place Gross: Andrew Sham 71
2nd place Gross: Joey Cruz 72
1st place net: Steve Morrison 64
2nd place net: Luis Jaurigi 66

Player’s Club Skins Game Results
May, 2021

Lowest Gross: Bill Barry- 74
Lowest Net: Luis Jauregi- 66

2021 Players Club Championship
March 6-7

1st Place Gross:  147 Bob Becker
2nd Place Gross:  Bill Barry
1st Place Net:  135 Johnny Han
2nd Place Net:  Ben McQuilken

Player’s Club Skins Game $$
Saturday, Feb 13 Tee

Players Club Scores 2.13

1st Net Johnny Han 65 Net
2nd Net Diem Q & Julian Vo 69

1st Gross Robert Freeman 74 Gross
2nd Gross Bill Barry 76

18 Hole skins game and one overall Gross & Net prize (for those with verifiable handicap). ELIGIBILITY: One player must be a member of the Player’s Club, member is allowed to bring ONE (1) guest. Tee Times will be made in advance, if you bring a guest you and him will be blind drawn with another twosome, if only yourself you will be blind drawn with another group, you CANNOT make up your entire foursome.

Email names to [email protected] If you are bringing a guest list their name, index, and scga #.  All Prizes based upon the number of entries and is at the discretion of the tournament committee.  Questions email Jacob Ortiz or call him at 909-350-2500

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