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My home away from home. The Staff is amazing, the instruction is second to none and the course is a very fair test. I have played the best of the best and Sierra Lakes takes a back seat to none of them.
Wayne Altman

Extremely fair, yet challenging, Sierra Lakes features water, moguls — and a few surprises!

Architect Ted Robinson, who created designs for golf courses all over the United States, shaped the challenging 18 holes of par-72 golf here at Sierra Lakes Golf Club. Mr. Robinson is known for his infatuation with water and the challenges it presents to golfers of all skills and abilities. While Sierra Lakes has creeks and lakes along its fairways, you also need to be on the watch here for tricky bunkers, rocks and desert brush areas.  

But once you get to know the layout, you’ll relax and enjoy each and every round and rental clubs are also available.

You’ll probably get to know the holes by their nicknames.

There’s “The Monster,” “Sneaky Tough,” and of course, “The Final Stretch.” All of these holes are fun, challenging and are all within the scope of your game, with a few pointers and a little practice.

Sierra Lakes is very playable, but bring your “A” game and keep your eyes off the mountains!

Beautiful distractions aside, your round at Sierra Lakes can be fun and rewarding.

There are a fair number of moguls and little knolls to contend with. “It’s an extremely fair course, but it’s also a challenging one that we keep in great shape,”. “You lead off your round with a straight-away hole on No. 1, a par-4 that measures 363 yards from the back tees and 286 from the forward. It’s a fairly reasonable mid-length par-4 with a generous driving area.”

There are some excellent par-3’s on the course, including No. 4 (184 yards from the back, 123 from the forward), named “Twin Lakes” that your tee shot has to carry to get to the green. If your ball veers left or long, you’ll find the sand.

Rick reports that Number Four is a pretty easy hole; perhaps that’s to prepare you for No. 5, called “The Monster” — a tough par-4 (433 yards from the back and 318 from the forward), the toughest hole on the course.

Your tee shot on No. 5 should aim to the right to avoid two fairway bunkers about 230 yards from the tee on the left. There are also brushy areas and wasteland short and left off the tee. “Use whatever wood you’re comfortable with,”.

Number Six is the Sierra Lakes signature hole — a beautiful par-3 measuring 195 yards from the back and 89 from the front.

“There’s water at the front and in the right back of the hole. If you miss the green to the right you go in the water and to the left you can go into the bunkers, number Six also has a trickling waterfall – one of Robinson’s trademark picturesque touches.”

Number Nine is nicknamed “Sneaky Tough” — because it is!

This par-4 (316 yards from the back tees, 268 from the front) looks easy but can fool you. The fairway looks wide but you have to stay to the right off the tees while avoiding three fairway bunkers. “It’s a short downhill par-4 off the tee”, “if you miss the uphill green, you could go in the water to the left-front of the green.”

At the turn, stop at the clubhouse for a snack, you’re going to need the energy boost!

As you move to the back nine, the course climbs a bit higher into the foothills.

You start out with a dogleg-right hole on No. 10, a par-4 that is 416 yards from the back and 328 from the front. You can’t see the green from the tee on this difficult hole. Only very long hitters can cut the dogleg with a drive that carries 260 yards. “There’s a huge bunker on the right that you have to avoid,” says the course pro. “There’s a very big, big elevated green here with good undulation.”

Another interesting hole here is No. 14, a shorter par 4 (381 yards from the back, 305 from the front) that demands accuracy because the fairway is thin and narrow. “There’s out of bounds on the left and the green has good slope to it and It plays against the wind.” The hole runs downhill and then uphill to the green.

No. 16 is a great par-4 (435 yards from the back, 331 from the forward) with fairway bunkers on the right and left. “There’s an uphill green with tough slope to it”.

No. 18, nicknamed “Final Stretch,” is a par-5 that measures 531 yards from the back tees and 450 from the front. “It’s a downhill par-5, but there is a huge bunker in front of the green and others to the left of the green.”

As you make your approach shot from about 120 yards, you have to be careful to avoid the wastelands protecting the front and left side of the green. “If you roll into the waste area, you’ll have a hard time,” says the course pro.

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