Need help improving your game?

Current Lesson pricing/packages:  One session $90, Package of 5 sessions $375, Package of 5 sessions for 2 students at same time $500

Our head instructor, Rick Danruther, is one of only a handful of Certified Master PGA Professionals in the United States and has been teaching in the Inland Empire since 1989, a PGA of America Quarter Century Club member, and Assistant Golf Coach at Rancho High School. “I try to keep the instruction simple and effective,” says Rick Danruther. “I take the golfers’s abilities and current swing and sand and polish it a little here and there to help them steadily improve. I don’t believe in tearing down and re-building a player’s swing which rarely works.”
For every student I prescribe 2-4 drills that are customized for him or her. The drills are easy and can be done at home away from the course. If he/she continues doing his drills when he practices and at home, I guarantee that they will see some steady and gradual improvement and a much happier golf game!
Rick Danruther


Need help improving your game?

Individual lessons are $90 for one session, $375 for 5 sessions for one student, $500 for 5 sessions with 2 students.
Email Rick Danruther to purchase a package or for more information. Give your favorite golfer a gift which will last a lifetime, help improve his golf game forever!

Do any of the following plague your golf game?

Does your ball start left and then slice back to the fairway or go way right? Does your divot always point to the left and sometimes do you pull your shots? Does your ball go high and leaks off to the right with little power? If so you probably have the clubface too “open” during your swing and no matter what you do you can never quite square it up at the ball so you have to “come over the top” on your downswing and pull the ball left so it can cut back to your target. If this sounds like you don’t worry, most golfers who have played for awhile get into this habit! The good news is it is very simple to adjust your clubface position and not only eliminate your slice but actually draw the ball! Don’t believe me? Then come and take one lesson with me and I will guarantee I can eliminate or reduce most of your slice in one lesson!

Scoring & Shortgame?
Are you a good player but seem “stuck” shooting around the same scores most of the time without any real improvement? Most players focus too much on their swing and not their short game and scoring. I bet there is a shot around the green that is bothering you and costing you several shots a round like sand play, 20-30 yard pitch, or an “in-between” wedge shot. There is a certain position that all great pitchers/chippers have that I will teach you, and you can practice it at home! Every great player keeps his/her hands ahead of the clubface during and after impact, that is the only way to gain consistency in how solid you chip/pitch the ball and the only way to really know how far your pitch/chip shot will go. I will show you how to “FEEL” this correct position and how to get there.
Can’t break par or can’t break 80?
Are you ever feel like you are “stuck” shooting the same scores or can’t break a certain score like 90, 80 or par? Do you play well at times during your round and then fall apart on 2-3 holes? Are you the guy after your round who says “take away the triple on #10 and the double on #5 and I would have broken 80 for the first time?” If you watch the pros play on TV or a really good player you might not notice it but they rarely ever make more than bogey. They have figured out that the “secret” to playing your best golf is “improving your bad shots so that they aren’t that bad”. What I try to do with each player is improve their mis hits, not improve their best hits! If you are blocking or pulling 2-3 tee shots every round into trouble, (or worse out of bounds), then we need to find out why your swing produces that shot from time to time and show you how to eliminate it and prescribe drills that will prevent it from seeping back into your game.

Why do I know so much about all of these problems?

Because I used to suffer from all of them at some point in my career and instead of having an instructor who could easily help me solve them, I had to painstakenly figure them out for myself which took a lot of sweat and time! Basically the golf swing has three key points and is an END RESULT of these three points which are: Setup, takeaway, and backswing at hip high. If those three positions are sound then your swing will easily follow and result in a consistent/repeatable action.

“Before taking lessons with Rick, I was scoring in the high 90s and suffered from a classic “slice” when using my driver. Rick was not only able to fix my slice but helped me improve my overall golf technique. After completing lessons, and plenty of practice, I have now scored my first round in the 80s. Moreover, anytime I find myself struggling, I can always go back to the basics that I learned.  Overall, Mr. Danruther has one-of-a-kind golf expertise and is incredibly personable, kind, and eager to help you succeed.”

Tosh A.


Eric Yoo – Junior golf

The IEJGA, (Inland Empire Junior Golf Association), is hosted at Sierra Lakes Golf Club by the founder Eric Yoo.  Junior Golf Classes are available from Eric & his fellow instructores for kids ages 5 and up. They are taught the fundamentals of the swing, chipping, putting, and proper golf etiquette.

Lessons for older juniors or teens also available, please email Eric or visit

Eric was a nationally ranked junior golfer, played college golf, and has a very good touch with kids.

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